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What Happens to a Society

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

-Anonymous Greek Proverb

What happens to a society where the old men hoard wealth and wage wars to insure the merit of that wealth?  What happens when the common folk admire and aspire to that wealth and intend only to grow these things which generate their own dependency to an addiction without substance?  This society is falling and these old men know that.  These old men gave you a choice.  You decided and they do not intend to fall with you.

Here is a clue:  Ask yourself if all of the modern solutions for better living are luxuries to you or necessities?  Would you die without your electricity, your plumbing, your medications, etc.?  Is it true that no matter how much is given to you as a species that it can never be a luxury?  Will you always require more when given more?  If so, then why should you have any more?  Everybody is on life support whether they know it or not.  Incapable, inadequate products of a choice to seek convenience over experience reduce the gift of life to nothing more than a nuisance to the self righteous perspective of the entitled.


A Collection of my Art and Quotes for Sharing!

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-Travis the Traveler


What Pain?

The pain of awareness is only as strong as the desire to reject it.


Life speaks to us with every breath it has.
It’s just so hard to hear with all this noise were making.
It’s the noise we have placed our hopes in, whereas it should be the harmony.


The things in life which cannot be measured or sampled in a lab are equivalent to the term; priceless.

Enable the Super-Consumers


Success should not be measured by the luxuries you obtained during the miracle of your existence.  This is easy to agree with, yet extremely difficult to live by.  It takes the realization that; what our culture obligates us to chase is not what gives us peace in our hearts.  When peace is not in our hearts, it can not exist in our lives.  Sustain yourself and meet your needs, but chase something greater than the same super-consumer dream we are all constantly being fed.

Pain is a Guide

Pain drives change
Change is evolution
Pain is not your enemy, it is your reason. It guides growth to where it should grow.

Another Place

Your state of mind is a place. Come to your senses and away from obligations. How the world can change when viewed from another place.

The Code

Self reliance

Symptoms of Exploitedness

I am feeling very exploited today… I better stop by the pharmacy.

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