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True, yet unaccepted.

How can we believe that we are morally superior to anybody when we are selectively compassionate?

If you take any side of two opposing forces by making your compassion exclusive to one, you are immoral.

There are no exceptions.

Without reason

You and I
We see through what we can’t hide
You are strategic so i took out your reason why
I am hidden so you put a light to my eye
With no reason to hide and no reason to strategize
Love was realized.

Beyond Self

When exploring deep into oneself,
what is discovered is infinitely beyond oneself.


Century after century we fought each other for dominance only to find, ultimately there was nothing in it for us.
We then looked back with a foreign eye to the past. Disconnected to the illusion of dominance over love, the new generations were able to find out who they truly were. The ego was no longer in opposition to the spirit. Life became appreciated for what it has always been. Nothing changed, yet everything was different. It was effortless.


There is nothing in this existence designed to meet your expectations.
It is all a gift for realization.

Till death do us part…

There is a relationship between spirit and ego. They are partners who need to be nourished by the other. We are the result of that relationship and it is the single most important relationship we will ever have. The state of all external relationships are dependent on this.

Attachment Pain

Mental pain is often caused when being forced to detach from an expectation.
It is our own attachment to our own expectations that hurt us more than what’s external.

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