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Business as usual

We pay an entity to handle our larger problems and situations. This entity thrives on our dependency and has found ways to exploit that. The wars they send us to fight are not our wars, yet we all die for them and continue to pay our taxes like were told. We vote for smiling faces of empty promises to feed us our latest trending fear. We do it again and again. It’s just business as usual.

Silly Fantasy

The most silly fantasy I have ever heard is that people in power do not conspire against those who are under their power.

Social Labels

Most people will go against their better judgement to avoid getting slapped with a social label. For every better judgement there is a discrediting label which holds no rationale, only social obligation.

Awareness Train

There is no awareness train for the masses to board. It is within each individual, to each its own.

The advantage

Never depend on those who take advantage of you. Unless you depend on being taken advantage of.

The Cheese

Most people live with the rat race mentality of “I’m gonna get mine”. They feel that everybody should get theirs as long as they deserve it. It is all about the cheese. But we gotta fight over it to be deserving?
Should we care more about what we can take from this world, or what we can leave behind after we become what is unknown?

Thanks to the Illusionists

Greater awareness will not be achieved without a need for it. When we make it through these illusions we will have to remember to thank the illusionists for making us stronger. They created the need for our growth.

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