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You are not your mind or your body

So many great people have walked this earth and left profound and highly relevant messages.  So many small minded people look at these messages as delusional.  They believe life and reality is found in modern culture and government… though they won’t verbally admit it, their choices speak volumes.  You are not a citizen, you are a human.  You do not require regulation, you ask for it.  You are in control of your body and mind, which means you are neither… can you feel it?  Or do you fear it?  


Consciousness vs. Responsiveness

If we are ever to reach a “golden age”, it will take a conscious effort. Meaning that; simply responding appropriately to stimuli is not enough. We must use consciousness to allow us to step outside of our reactions in order to see a more complete picture and enable us to act on awareness rather than the relative sensational responses. It will require a majority of our conscious efforts to even begin to move in that direction. It seems to be a battle between consciousness and responsiveness. Right now we are dominated by responsiveness which has led us through many wonderful and horrible places. I wonder where consciousness will lead us. We have yet to grasp the concept collectively, so we can only wonder until we walk the path.

We did not create spirituality

I am finding that many people believe that spirituality is something we created. They are upset by the idea of anybody experiencing spirituality without using some form of established religion.
The spirit of life is the ocean we live in. We are connected to it, not through holy scriptures, but through our very existence.
The spirit inside all of us is so much greater than we give credit to. It becomes covered by our lesser identities which we believe is who we are. The spirit inside you is revealed when your constructed identity is not.
If everything that was ever written turned to ash, and our memories were wiped clean, spirituality would still exist.

Contents Under Pressure

A long time ago it was determined by tired and bitter men that humans had no soul. That belief justified the elite to do as they will toward humans as they do with beasts. Dominate the spirit and reconstruct its state of being to fit the desired mold.
As we break free, the soul will be undeniably apparent. Have mercy on the souls of the elite, for all they achieved was the revelation of who we truly are.

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