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For the Gods

We can do the same things that define our God or Gods.

The world is only a fraction of our story.

While we are awake we experience a place of physical forms. Most things are consistently predictable here. We cannot stay awake forever though.
When we slow down our frequencies we experience a non physical world. This world seems to be influenced by the experiences we have in the physical world. In turn, the experiences we have in the non physical world will influence our perception of the physical world which manifests itself physically.
These two places that we travel to and from seem to be interconnected somehow. It is a steady pattern of night and day which pushes us from one to the other, much like a heart beat pushing blood through a body. There is something vital about the relationship between these worlds which we have yet to understand.
The physical world is just a fraction of our story.

Your Options

When knowing is not an option
you must feel.

Replace with your religion/nationality

Try as they might, to call themselves Christian Americans
In the end it was realized, undeniably, they were spiritual humans.

Fiction vs Truth

The system is fiction
You are the truth

We did not create spirituality

I am finding that many people believe that spirituality is something we created. They are upset by the idea of anybody experiencing spirituality without using some form of established religion.
The spirit of life is the ocean we live in. We are connected to it, not through holy scriptures, but through our very existence.
The spirit inside all of us is so much greater than we give credit to. It becomes covered by our lesser identities which we believe is who we are. The spirit inside you is revealed when your constructed identity is not.
If everything that was ever written turned to ash, and our memories were wiped clean, spirituality would still exist.

Contents Under Pressure

A long time ago it was determined by tired and bitter men that humans had no soul. That belief justified the elite to do as they will toward humans as they do with beasts. Dominate the spirit and reconstruct its state of being to fit the desired mold.
As we break free, the soul will be undeniably apparent. Have mercy on the souls of the elite, for all they achieved was the revelation of who we truly are.

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