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Who are we?

To know love is to know our self

To know fear is to know what we are not

Our trust, strength and direction should be placed in who we are

No more than awareness should be placed in who we are not.

Replace with your religion/nationality

Try as they might, to call themselves Christian Americans
In the end it was realized, undeniably, they were spiritual humans.

The Road Less Traveled

The road less traveled is inward.

We did not create spirituality

I am finding that many people believe that spirituality is something we created. They are upset by the idea of anybody experiencing spirituality without using some form of established religion.
The spirit of life is the ocean we live in. We are connected to it, not through holy scriptures, but through our very existence.
The spirit inside all of us is so much greater than we give credit to. It becomes covered by our lesser identities which we believe is who we are. The spirit inside you is revealed when your constructed identity is not.
If everything that was ever written turned to ash, and our memories were wiped clean, spirituality would still exist.

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