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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this thanksgiving feel blessed for the simple things that allow this existence to be.  Be aware of what we might be inappropriately thankful for that is at the expense of others existence.  

Your Love

There are so many people that feel like things would be better if they could just kill off all that oppose what they believe. They really feel this way. It is mind blowing. And it is all based on their own identity crisis which happens when they see a person who is different.  It is obvious that if they were sure of who they were they would not be so internally conflicted to wish death on others who mirror who they could possibly be.  So I feel like a great big thanks is due to all of you who stand in their way. We are labeled as annoying idealistic dreamers but we have a great purpose in this world. Do not be deterred by “realistic” illusions that pull you away from knowing yourself and love. Thank you, there are no words to describe the magnitude of the result of your existence.

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