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Nothing Exploded

They tell me that “nothing” exploded

then nothing expanded

then nothing became alive

and nothing began to multiply

that mathematically makes no sense

unless you realize that you are saying “nothing”

and if you are alive

the self evident should sink in…


In the form of an APPLE representing knowledge

they taught me when I was a child

that I was an evolved monkey

walking on a spinning ball

which is a tiny spec hurdling through nothing

so grab your pencil and take notes

you are going to need training in servitude

and it will cost you

the end

BUT it is not the end.

I know the game here is to see past the deception.   I did not come from a monkey.  You can speak for yourself if you feel otherwise.  It just sure looks like a weak attempt to destroy something sacred that I have always felt inside of myself.  I pray that there are many others who can see these things plain as day.


Like on Facebook and we will travel together.

Like on Facebook and we will travel together.

This page is a study on perception and self awareness. Please share your perspective here so that we can see through your eyes as well as our own.

If time is a re…

If time is a result of perception

to travel through time is to travel through perception



What is the difference between “your life” and “your mind”?

There is no space where life is not performing genius acts for us to gain its wisdom.  Can it be that it is driven by the observer?  Quantum particles exist in more than one space at a time until we try to measure them, in which they immediately decide upon one location.  For what reasons would it present to us that which makes us feel and think?  Does it have the spirit of a great screenwriter?  Is it aware of the effect it has on us?  Is there a purpose or a result to be had?  Since I am unable to know these things, my next question comes from what the unknowing has led me to feel.  What is the difference between “your life” and “your mind”?  One is external to our perception and the other is internal, yet your life exists in your mind while your mind exists in your life.  They are both inside of each other, as in two places at once, just like quantum particles.  Does that mean we are already multi-dimensional beings?

World vs Mind Theory

What if you were only a fraction of “you”?
Could it be that we are all part of the same “us”?
When i die will I be judged by my greater “self”?
Is that greater “self” all of us?
One brain has many neurons which act independent and in relation to each other. Parts of the brain thrive while other parts are neglected. When contradiction occurs there is internal conflict and different parts of the brain will oppose each other. All this generates a place that we call the mind. Your state of mind describes what kind of place is generated. Think about the word “mind” and what it really means to you. What is your mind? Could the world we live in also be a mind that we are able to experience individually and collectively?

Elaborate but Finite

Live life as if it were all designed as a puzzle just for you. Who knows, maybe you designed it for yourself as a challenge. After all, elaborate is just a relative term… and so is the term; you.

Variable Reality

Nature is the only constant when formulating reality.
Everything else is a variable which also implies it is temporary.

Time is Perception Recollected

If time travel were possible, would it be a mental journey that would be real enough to stimulate the senses as effectively as the “now” does? Or would it be a physical journey where the frequency time stamp of all matter could be manipulated back and/or forward?
If it were a mental journey it might have no consequence to the future except for the personal change the traveler experiences. If it were a physical journey there would be great consequence to the manifested realities.
I feel like it would most likely be a mental journey and someday we will give it more credit even though it is not physical. We already practice time travel with our foggy memories and speculations of the future. The future is potential, so there is no defined place that is the “official” future. The moment anything happens it instantly becomes a memory to travel to. The “now” is a sensation and it can only be felt. Due to the time it takes to rationalize anything current, it will already be a memory or a speculation of the future before you have a chance to think.
It is amazing that we have a “now” to experience. Time travel is overrated when you really think about it. I feel in the now, therefore I think as a form of time travel. Had I not felt the now, for what reason would I think?

Where is Heaven?

Where is Heaven?

We are not hopeless sinners, unless we are hoping for streets of gold. Heaven is in all of us. We are capable. The path is deep within yourself. Know thyself.

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