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World vs Mind Theory

What if you were only a fraction of “you”?
Could it be that we are all part of the same “us”?
When i die will I be judged by my greater “self”?
Is that greater “self” all of us?
One brain has many neurons which act independent and in relation to each other. Parts of the brain thrive while other parts are neglected. When contradiction occurs there is internal conflict and different parts of the brain will oppose each other. All this generates a place that we call the mind. Your state of mind describes what kind of place is generated. Think about the word “mind” and what it really means to you. What is your mind? Could the world we live in also be a mind that we are able to experience individually and collectively?

Conditioned to Benefit the System

Do you believe that your not being poisoned? Do you believe your mind is not subjected to constant sophisticated mind control techniques? Do you believe your existence makes sense as a mega consumer? Our minds are conditioned to benefit the system, which is clearly backwards. Stop believing in a system which is justified by the failure it sets us up for.

Not For Me

It is in a sheep’s nature to be trusting and submissive to its herder. They have no quarrel with hidden agendas. It is all about grazing. Minimal awareness is needed to achieve this state of being. It is a pleasant life, no doubt about it. It is just not for me.

Hopeless Truths

Nobody is evil on purpose. It is not their goal. It just becomes their reality. There are hopeful truths in life and there are hopeless truths. We can choose which ones shape our understanding of reality. This will lead us to choose our drivers which will constantly manifest the reality we have chosen. Reality is never defined, it is a potential.

Part of the Solution

In a time of so much change nothing is more important than having a positive impact on that change individually. It doesn’t matter how small you are.  First you have to love your true self, then the love you find within yourself will reignite your love in others.

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