Where Things Stand

Theist can exist without Atheist
Atheist can only exist due to Theist
Theist is the parent
Atheist is the child
Something can exist without nothing
Nothing can only exist due to Something
Something is the parent
Nothing is the child

Protagonist vs Antagonist

Christ vs Anti-Christ

Good vs Evil

Life vs Death

The patterns are all there!

  1. The trick is understanding which is which, isn’t it?

    This pattern is also followed the other way; something being born from nothing and all..

    • The meaning of sacrifice rings most relevant here. Something can never come from nothing. It always requires a sacrifice. That is why we have an inherent sense to encourage prudence and developing emergent systems that are aware of sacrifice, or you could call it the cost to achieve a result. “If you want to make an omelet you gotta break an egg” y’all know that!

      • And here I thought it was because we evolved from prey animals, haha.

      • Do animals really evolve into each other? Or does one give way to another?

      • I guess it’s a matter of semantics. Like anything else, evolution can be understood in many ways. I think of it as a somewhat unpredictable emergence based on somewhat predictable environmental and genetic variables.

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