I must become conscious of the energies that move me time and time again.

The energies are not my identity, but a projection of my interpretation of these energies.

I am choice

forever at the crossroads.

That is my identity.

  1. Crossroads are dangerous — they can lead you anywhere but I think that’s why they say our choices define us.
    Your posts are always so inspiring!

    • Then, you could say Freedom is dangerous, and can lead you anywhere… which is soooo true. Our perspective is bottlenecked in this reality so that no matter how huge our inner perspective may be, it is pinched in the transitioning to the external world.

      • I agree — some people argue that it is freedom to either be good or evil but how can evil be freedom? So how do we define the boundaries?
        World and reality is cruel and we always end up having choices which can be very difficult at times (like lots and lots of trouble — yeah, that’s what I am talking about)


      • To me, freedom must mean no limits. Anything else is entitlement. The reality is that life is a struggle, a well needed struggle perhaps. If I were not so down today, I could not experience the feeling of others having a true desire to uplift me, and maybe you could say the same? The feeling I get from the fact that you care about me would be lost in a perfect world. I cannot let go of the appreciation of that fact. Your words are special to me because I suffer. I have to embrace it all then.

    • Jen
    • May 1st, 2015

    Forever at the crossroads can be a paralyzing thought (and often is! for me at least.) I prefer imagining an open window I am lifting my leg up towards and stepping through. Can’t say why.

  2. interesting piece

    • Thanks. I try to hear what I am telling myself everyday, and this blog helps me to interpret it. I appreciate you stopping by!

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