The show must go on!

The American way is theatrical. The fake politics, the fake social behavior, the fake media, the fake economy, the fake history, the fake holidays and everything else that holds the fake show together can go fuck itself… sorry for cursing. The show must not go on!

  1. I salute your guts to type it, I think even Americans themselves can’t deny this fucking truth!!!

    • Excuse your language sweet one! LOL, Damn, your right. Everybody knows its fake but they choose it anyway. Is it because of a lack of alternatives, social obligation, or deep suspended belief? Probably all of the above. Sometimes it drives me crazy and i wish we would all stop acting accordingly. It’s like being in school and everybody is playing a stupid game, I just want to say “I’m not playing anymore”. Grown ups refuse to stop playing though.

      • You are very right Travish! Sorry about not watching the language though.
        I understand when you say how everybody is playing the same stupid game after knowing the conclusion for it as well. I think the fake attitude doesn’t last longer hence I am certain that one day everybody in the world will wake up to point at them for their faking behavior throughout. I wonder what is in there which they don’t fake?
        I join in.. I AM NOT PLAYING IT ANYMORE!!!

      • And a day came where enough people stopped devoting their lives to the old game, which gave way to the natural process of growth and evolution. Nothing was ever made perfect, but at least they knew what direction they were heading and they finally began to grasp the amazing reality of who they were. Glad to be in good company Naima.

      • Same here, I hope people are enough bold to raise their voices.

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