The external state of the world is a direct result of the internal state of our own being.

Fear and judgement gives us war and law enforcement.

Awareness and understanding gives us peace and balance.

We have the option to choose.

  1. Truth!

  2. Not only is the choice optional, it is necessary. The power of our life rests within us.

    Man… Your clarity is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

    • Thanks Brandy. My goal has been simplicity so i feel like I am reaching my goal, but due to that; running low on material! I always wanted to find the words to change things, then I began to realize that it won’t be words that change anything. So, now my mental/spiritual journey is becoming much more physically manifested. Strange synchronicities and amazing opportunities are occurring…

      • The synchronicities, they are exploding my universe into a billion new and lovely universes within each and every moment before me, as well. Powerful season, my friend. Powerful beauty.

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