The Cattle World

Imagine you are from another world and you are gathering information of earth and humans. How would it strike you to find out that we spend most of our resources and energy on protecting ourselves from eachother? What low level life forms we act like, despite our highly evolved physical bodies. Survival is step one and we should be well beyond step one. Most people are so full of fear and/or pride that they refuse to change frequencies. They believe a system can manage the way we remain and that we will never move forward. With that belief, they will be right. We will become more and more, the cattle on the farm. Owned and dominated in every aspect by those who are no more evolved than ourselves. What a mess.

  1. This is eerie; I’ve been pondering the same thing all day. Good on ya.

  2. We all see what you see. It can be our focus or we can choose to see more of the opposite. It exists. Life will always have both. It must be balanced. The bad makes us want more of the good. I’ve had this same conversation with my son and sister. I don’t stick my head in the sand but I like to focus on the positive. Oddly, I see more of the possitive in my days. Yes, the cattle out there will continue to chew their cud and not examine their lives. You will continue to bring us something to think about. Thanks.

    • You are right that the cattle will indeed continue to chew their cud with no self examination. If that is their choice then I am glad that they are exercising choice. However, if they are there because they believe there is no choice, that is a restriction to their free will. If they want to find an exit, they will seek our words and we will be here to welcome them to life outside the gates. Thank you for your comments, I truly respect your wisdom and your intentions. Sorry it took so long for me to reply!

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